The Power of Breath: Deep Dive Into Meditation Techniques

Meditation is done through a number of different techniques and some of these are older than we expect, the effectiveness of meditation techniques depends on how we have learned it and how we are performing the mediation, among the most basic yet effective techniques of meditation, breathing is considered as the founding stone of meditation technique, at Marianne Wells YTT you are able to learn all about the basic breathing and meditation techniques, mindful and conscious breathing is when you are able to take deep breath and control the length of breathing as well.

Marianne Wells YTT
The purpose of mindful breathing should be known by the one performing this age-old meditation technique, whether it is to better your day or change your way of breathing once and for all, the healing power of mindful breathing can never be overstated as conscious breathing is considered as the anchor for conscious awareness.

The power of conscious breathing is somehow underestimated but if you ask an expert yogi you will get to know the importance of it, you can not only feel better physically just by breathing correctly and consciously but your mind will be able to function so much better. When you get in touch with Marianne Wells she will help you understand the true power of mindful breathing, if any of your previous attempts of creating a body-mind balance has failed you will surely feel the results when you practice this basic yet effective form of meditation under the guidance of a five star rated yoga teacher you will get the results you seek and you will have a better connection of mind and body, this will be the turning point of how you lead your life and it will make things easier for you in terms of learning the yoga philosophy.